The Lure of Gold

Experimental short movie. First shown as part of the solo show The Lure of Gold at Knipsu, Bergen 2019.

Introductory text:

“At the start I was awake all night, sick with fear. Now I just accept that there are simply some things I am never going to understand. They were probably never that important in the first place.

We feel less concerned about meaning and more attuned to sensing – more attention given to being.

Time slides and slips by and the difference between objects and events seems less severe and certainly less important right now. There is space for everything and it all fits together, more by chance, I suppose, than by design.

I didn’t realise it but it turns out that I was walking on the surface of a world that was in fact another being, whose world I was not going to comprehend. But I didn’t have to. After all they seemed to make no attempt to understand mine and between us there emerged a tacit agreement.”

Excerpt from the text APOS, Three artists in the wilderness – 27 images by Giles Eldridge