Walk for Engebøfjellet

Video/ theatre piece in 9 episodes.

Ludvig Uhlbors is crossing Norway, from Engebøfjellet by the Førdefjord to the Parliament in Oslo. On the trip he is taking care of a plant from the mountain. The plan is that the plant will be handed over to the Minister of Climate and Environment when he reaches Oslo, in an attempt to influence the decision that has been taken by the authorities to start the process of making Engebøfjellet into an open pit mine, and to dump 300 million tonnes of mining waste into the Førdefjord .

Written, narrated and performed by Ludvig Uhlbors
Co-directed by Ludvig Uhlbors and Kjersti Vetterstad
Camera work, sound recording and image editing by Kjersti Vetterstad
Map by Hanna Sjöstrand
Visual design by Hanna Sjöstrand and Kjersti Vetterstad
Audio post-production by Markus Thorsen and Kjersti Vetterstad
Text editing by Giles Eldridge