Stoffskiftet (Metabolism)

Exhibition with video projection, two video sculptures, five interactive sculptures and performance (2019)

Metabolism is a general term for chemical processes in the body that convert air, water, food and other materials into substances that the body needs to function. Molecules are constantly broken down and new complex molecular structures are built up in plant bodies, animal bodies and human bodies. Through the processes of metabolism, we as individuals are connected to a local biology.

In Stoffskiftet, the audience was invited to study deep ecological issues, through a sensory experience with metabolism and metamorphosis as the focal point. The menu consisted of water and plants harvested at Engebøfjellet and in the Førdefjorden in Sogn and Fjordane county, where Nordic Mining has been granted a license to operate an open pit-mine and to dump the mining wast in the fjord.

Stoffskiftet was shown as an epilogue to the theatre performance Arne Næss  Oppstandelsen, directed by Ludvig Uhlbors at the Black Box Theatre in Oslo on June 5 and 6, 2019.

By  Hanna Sjöstrand Kristin Astrup Aas and Kjersti Vetterstad