Mom & Jerry Foundation

Founded in 2016,  Mom & Jerry Foundation  is dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of the heritage after deceased artists, rebels and cult icons Mom & Jerry, through exhibitions, research initiatives, and publications.

ABOUT MOM & JERRY (♱ 2016)
Throughout an illustrious career, starting as street artists and working their way up to the top of the international contemporary art scene, Mom & Jerry were considered cultural and civic icons. The multi-faceted Mom, and her dirty son Jerry had a passion for art, music, parties, glitter and fashion. In addition to being artists, they considered themselves rebels, outlaws, DJs, living sculptures, talk show hosts, TV personalities, art critics, curators, Broadway dancers, writers and most recently, celebrity superstars.

Living their lives in late capitalist society, where the economic, abstract forces makes daily life unreal, and where the individual itself is the operating tool for the techno-marketing power, artists like Mom and Jerry can be seen as recycling machines in the monstrous, virtual city of garbage.


Mom & Jerry Foundation is administered by Monica Winther and Kjersti Vetterstad

Can You Handle the Truth?

Multimedia-installation – TVs, video, sound, photo, found and readymade objects, tape, spray paint – and performance, Turku Biennial 2013, Turku, (Fl)


Battle 11: Mom & Jerry (DK) vs. That Purple Stuff (NO/US) with guest star EVERBABE (NO), PINK CUBE, Oslo (No) 2012


Multi-media installation/ performance, exhibited as part of the group show GOLD , curated by Maaike Gouvenberg and Tim Voss at W139, Amsterdam (Nl) 2012.


Multimedia installation and performance, soloshow by Mom & Jerry at Tidens Krav, Oslo (No) 2012. Link to presentation of the project:  

Mom & Jerry’s Megarave

Exhibition/ performance/ party at Platform Stockholm, Sweden 2012.

Mom & Jerry/ Hove Music Festival

Performance/ installation by Mom & Jerry, hosted by Galleri Godteri, Hove Music Festival 2011 (No)

Where the Streets Have No Shame

Exhibition, Mom & Jerry in collaboration with Morten Magnus at Dortmund Bodega, Oslo 2010.

Fun Light Club

Fun Light Club hosted by Return of the Pony, Fincken, Bergen (No) 2009.

Mom & Jerry Show: Be Free Fuck it All

Talkshow by Mom & Jerry, I Love Your Work, Landmark, Bergen (No) 2009

The Day After Tomorrow

Installation/ performance, Let There Be Light, curated by Åse Løvgren, Christianssands Kunstforening, Kristiansand (No) 2008