Daughters of Valhalla

Daughters of Valhalla is an ongoing project inspired by  Völuspá; the first, and most well known poem of the collection of old Norse poems called the Poetic Edda. Knowing destiny has always been an important source to power. In the pre-Christian Norway, the völvas were prophets, who exercised religious rituals and performed seid or sorcery. Seid was considered a female art, and accompanied by their magic wand, they walked from farm to farm with their prophecies and sorceries, often with a crowd of people following them. Historical and mythological depictions of völvas show that they were held in high esteem by gods and mortals alike. 

In Völuspá a völva tells Odin – the king of the gods – of her early memories of the creation of the world, and of her foreseeing of the murder of the god Balder. The death of the beloved god leads in turn to a final war and to Ragnarok –  the coming end for gods and men. 

In contemporary Norse society, völvas are career women who have released themselves from their family bonds and womanly duties, in order to travel the world to share their knowledge and wisdom. Because of their magic powers, they are summoned in times of crisis, something that has lead to their immense authority and increasingly high charges for their services.

The project started out in 2008, and is developed in collaboration with artist Monica Winther.

Photo documentation by Georgiana Dobre


Performance, Kunst på Øya/ Øya Music Festival, Oslo (2017).

Om ljuset tar oss

3 works and costumes at the exhibition Om ljuset tar oss, 2011 at Gävle Konstcentrum.

True Norwegian Cultural Mediation

Photo series, 2008 – 2011

Moti Ragnarokum

Solo show with performance by Daughters of Valhalla.
Atrium Gallery, Tallinn (Es) 2011.

The Giants of Yore

Video, 2008.