Book of Change – work in progress

Book of Change invites its readers to twist, bend or break heteronormative thought patterns, binary social codes, and/ or stereotyped beliefs about fellow human beings, by following the guidelines of scores. 

By score, we mean a simple written instruction that can be addressed to an individual or to a group. The instructions can suggest a thought experiment or an action that can be performed in a private or a public setting.

The scores are made by artists who identify as queer, and/ or explore queer perspectives in their practice.

Book of Change has been exhibited at the group show You Feel – and Drift – and Sing, curated by Kilobase Bucharest in collaboration with MNAC – Museum of Contemporary Art, at Combinatul Fondului Plasticas, as part of Triumf Amiria – Museum of Queer Culture (?), Bucharest (RO), December 4, 2021, to January 19, 2022.

A pilot for the project was exhibited as part of the group show Change (Exchange) at Zina Gallery in Cluj, (RO) in July 2021.

Book of Change has been initiated by the artist duo Georgiana Dobre & Kjersti Vetterstad

Photo by Kjersti Vetterstad